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About Clean Bus Europe Platform

The Clean Bus Europe Platform is an initiative under the European Commission's Clean Bus Deployment Initiative that aims to support the deployment of clean bus technologies across Europe. The Platform brings together European cities, transport authorities and operators, together with relevant stakeholders  like social dialogue partners, industry, financing and funding institutions, associations, etc. to boost and support the exchange of knowledge and expertise on clean bus deployment.  

The Clean Bus Deployment Initiative was launched by the European Commission in 2017 to support the transition to cleaner transport. Through their combined efforts, signatories of the Inititative are committed to make this transition happen. The initiative has already been signed by a large number of cities, OEMs and organisations from across Europe and beyond.

You can find more information about the Clean Bus Deployment Initiative here.

The Platform

Many city administrations have the political will to re-orient their public transport system towards clean buses, but lack the capabilities and know-how to do so on their own. The Clean Bus Europe Platform will assist these cities in the learning and transition process, ensuring that technical, procedural and operational know-how on clean bus deployment is passed on beyond the circle of cities that can be considered front-runners.

The Platform will offer European cities the opportunity to learn from cities that have already set up clean bus schemes through tools such as study visits and webinars. Furthermore, it will provide them with tailored technical assistance in the transition towards clean buses.

The Platform will make sure that a critical mass of cities and operators start and continue investing in clean bus technologies, thus creating a powerful momentum for a wider and unstoppable clean bus deployment across Europe.