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The Clean Bus Europe Platform provides different services and levels of support. Are you a city representative looking to learn about clean bus deployment? Read here how you can become a Follower and how the Platform can help you!

The Platform's cities have been categorised in 3 main profiles: Host, Target and Follower. While Host and Target cities have been selected in line with project requirements, the Clean Bus Europe Platform is looking to expand its network of Follower Cities that want to learn about clean bus deployment. 

Host Cities

The Platform's Host Cities are cities that have or are introducing clean buses in their regular transport operation, beyond individual pilot projects. A Host City has gained solid experience in the operation of, at least one technology, in one or more lines, and is beyond the piloting phase. 

Host Cities will support the Platform by:

  • Supporting knowledge transfer and capacity building on clean bus deployment
  • Hosting the study tours for Target Cities to showcase the local system and exchange on practical experience, including a technical visit.

The current Host cities have been selected by the Consortium in line with project requirements and then approved by the EC.

Target Cities

Target Cities are the main beneficiaries of the Platform.

A Target City is a Full Member of the Clean Bus Europe Platform provided that:

  • The city has joined the Clean Bus Europe Platform by signing the letter of intent.
  • The city signed the Clean Bus Declaration

A Target City will enjoy the following benefits from the Platform:

  • Capacity building (webinars, study visits)
  • Technical support along the deployment process (planning, tendering, deployment)
  • Industry market places to learn on applications available in the market
  • Financing market places to learn on funding and financing suitable mechanisms available
  • Project events like Clean Bus Forum, seminar on Social Dialogue, etc.
  • Travel reimbursement within the conditions established

The current Target Cities have been selected by the Consortium in line with project requirements and then approved by the EC.

Follower Cities

Follower Cities of the Clean Bus Europe Platform are cities fulfilling the following conditions:

Follower Cities receive the following benefits through the Platform:

  • Participation to webinars, study visits, market places (if allowed by the logistic costs allocated)
  • Follower Cities are not entitled to travel reimbursement and carry themselves with the costs

Follower Cities can join by contacting the Platform through the website

Other Stakeholders

Any stakeholder interested can learn from the Platform's activities. The website will be the main point of interaction, including, among others:

  • Up-to-date information on the project activities
  • A tailor-made Toolkit section that includes information on market deployment (tenders, orders, in-service), library and interactive tools, as well as project materials (webinars, factsheets, newsletters, etc.). You can visit the Clean Bus Toolkit section now!

Other stakeholders do not need to register in any form to access the website. All contents are public and will be periodically updated to ensure a broad dissemination and outreach.

Stay tuned for more updates!