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CBEP at TRA2020: session "Global long-term strategies for decarbonisation of transport through electrification"

7 September 2020

On 10 September, CBEP will be presented at the TRA2020 Virtual Conference during the session "Global long-term strategies for decarbonisation of transport through electrification" (14.00 - 16.00 CEST).

Electrification of road transport is progressing rapidly. Viable electric mobility technologies and solutions are being deployed in many transport modes. Electrification is a key measure to reduce total energy use and carbon footprint from the transport sector. It helps mitigating air quality problems in urban areas. The session discusses the status and outlook of transport electrification in the global setting, in terms of technology, market, procurement, finance, and the multitude of local and regional implementations including cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

The European perspective in urban transit systems is discussed through the EC's Clean Bus Deployment initiative and the Clean Bus Europe Platform project. Global EV outlook gives status of policy and market diffusion in the global context, whereas approaches to sustainable electrification in large urban areas is addressed through recent activities of the EU-funded SOLUTIONS+ project, which, together with UN Environment and the International Energy Agency, establishes a global platform for shared, public and commercial e-mobility solutions. 

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Programme of the session

  • 14:00    Opening, introduction
    Mikko Pihlatie, VTT
  • 14:05    The Green Deal challenge for Europe
    Guido Sacchetto, EC, DG R&I
  • 14:20    Global EV outlook 2019-2020 key findings
    Marine Gorner, IEA
  • 14:35    Clean Bus Europe Platform   
    Aida Abdulah, UITP
  • 14:50    Global transport electrification initiatives: SOLUTIONSPlus
    Oliver Lah, UEMI
  • 15:05    Sustainable finance for sustainable transport: Cleaner Transport Facility
    Per Als, EIB
  • 15:20     Plenary Q&A and closing remarks
    Mikko Pihlatie, VTT