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Webinar recording: Clean Bus Procurement; An example from the Netherlands

12 January 2022

On 2 December 2021, the Clean Bus Europe Platform organised the webinar 'Clean Bus Procurement; An example from the Netherlands', providing a solid overview of the procurement process, models and players, and deep dive into the Case of the Netherlands procurement model.

Speakers for the session have long professional experience procuring zero-emission buses, from the perspectives of Public Transport Authority and Bus Operator:

  • Maarten Post, Manager Electric Public Transport at Provincie Noord-Brabant (PTA); and
  • Bart Kraaijvanger, Manager Zero Emission Program Transdev Group (PTO)

Goals of the webinar were as follows:

  • Understanding of clean bus procurement process
  • Steps to successful procurement
  • What should I consider when starting planning for a tender?
  • What to consider upfront when considering a new technology?
  • What are the main challenges I’ll be facing?
  • Which sources of information can I refer to, to further learn on procurement of clean buses?

The full recording of the webinar is available below.