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Library Knowledge and info on clean bus deployment

The CBEP Library provides material related to clean bus deployment, including guidelines, publications, legislative documentation, and webinars. All material is categorised according to the four stages of clean bus deployment: "if", "when", "what" and "how".


  • E-Bus Decision Support Tool
    1 June 2023
    The tool helps users in determining which technology is appropriate in your situation based on your operational profile and specific city context.
  • Urban Transport Roadmap
    1 June 2023
    This online tool provides data related to transpot in different European countries, based on a search tool, where the user can add key search numbers and works.
  • E-Bus Readiness Indicator Tool
    1 June 2023
    The tool is developed in the framework of an Interreg Europe project, eBussed. The tool was developed by e-Bussed Thematic Working Group 1: Drivers
    and Barriers. The objective was to compile a set of readiness indicators and create an easy-to-use tool to assist public and private stakeholders in assessing the present conditions of their region regarding the introduction of electric buses and the provision of related infrastructure.
  • VTT Webinar: The current status of electric bus transportation
    1 June 2022
    Electrification plans are on-going rapidly in various levels – how to keep up? We are currently witnessing a real shift towards zero-emission and carbon-neutral transport. The pace is fast and the transition from diesel-powered buses to the electric ones involves many aspects and decisions, which have a far-reaching impact on the future. How to make the right decisions and keep up on the current electrification landscape?

    In this webinar from VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), you can hear about the latest developments and experiences on the electric bus operations and how to make the transition to electric buses with minimum risk.
  • ASSURED Clean Bus Report
    1 May 2022
    The ASSURED Clean Bus Report is one of the key outcomes of the EU-funded project ASSURED, which ran from 2017 to March 2022. The publication provides an updated overview of the European market for clean buses and compares clean vehicle figures of 2017 and 2021. It also highlights the major progress the sector has made in terms of the electrification of public transport.

    The report is created through the valuable collaboration with fellow EU-initiatives JIVE and the Clean Bus Europe Platform.
  • Monitor zero-emissie bussen Nederland (NL)
    8 December 2021
    This factsheet provides an overview of zero emission buses in the Netherlands, including buses per authority, per operator and per manufacturer. The document is in Dutch.
  • Staat van de zero-emissiebussen 2021 (NL)
    8 December 2021
    This publication by CROW-KpVV provides a full overview of zero emission buses in the Netherlands in 2021. The document is in Dutch.
  • Expert Group on Clean Bus Deployment - D.1 Technology/Trends
    4 August 2021
    The Expert Group on Clean Buses produced two reports providing guidance on technologies and trends and on procuring and operating clean buses, which were adopted by the Sustainable Transport Forum plenary in 2019.
  • Fuel Cell Electric Bus Deployment Data in Europe (Feb 2021)
    26 February 2021
    This document has been created in the framework of the EU-funded project JIVE and provides the snapshot projections about the number of FCBs which are in full commercial operation today (as of February 2021) as well as future deployments in the coming 18 months thanks to the bus order announcements by various European cities.
  • Form to sign Clean Bus Declaration
    18 November 2020
    Legislative document