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Library Knowledge and info on clean bus deployment

The CBEP Library provides material related to clean bus deployment, including guidelines, publications, legislative documentation, and webinars. All material is categorised according to the four stages of clean bus deployment: "if", "when", "what" and "how".


  • The impact of electric buses on urban life
    1 June 2023
    The objective of this Policy Brief is to provide decision makers, urban planners and authorities with an overview of the benefits electric buses can bring to cities and to help them understand their various infrastructural impacts on urban spaces and space needs.
  • Large-scale bus electrification: The impact on business models
    1 June 2023
  • eBus Tool
    1 June 2023
  • Vehicle and Infrastructure Cash-Flow Evaluation Model
    1 June 2023
    Financial tools developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to help fleet managers assess the financial soundness of converting vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) or battery electric buses (BEB).
  • Clean Fleet Toolkit
    31 May 2023
    This toolkit is designed to provide organizations insights into their fleet’s current emissions, impacts and costs, and the relative improvements that different options could provide. The calculations are based on estimations and average emission factors. The actual level of impacts, emissions, costs and savings will be influenced by a number of factors including: driver behavior; road conditions; traffic patterns; vehicle age and condition; maintenance etc.

    This Toolkit will help you develop a strategy for reducing the environmental impacts of your fleet of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles, as well as generators. Many of the options presented also lower costs and improve performance. For more information on the various topics related to clean fleet management, go through the Tools.
  • Depot adaptions for clean bus technologies
    6 February 2023
    (UITP Members only) This factsheet series is aimed at providing an overview of the main aspects to consider in the different phases of planning and deploying a new depot, or upgrading an existing one. As public bus fleets are usually made of several technologies, it is not uncommon that depots are shared for different types of buses.
  • Operators’ guide to fuel cell bus deployment
    5 October 2022
    This document is intended to provide a guide for cities / public transport operators seeking to introduce fleets
    of hydrogen fuel cell buses. The main aim is to summarise the key tasks to be undertaken to successfully
    deploy and operate new fleets of fuel cell buses and to provide references to further sources of useful
  • Tender Structure for Urban Electric Bus Procurement
    28 October 2021
    Tendering out electric buses differs from the process of tendering conventional buses in one central element: the new e-bus system shall be considered as a whole, including the three elements vehicle, infrastructure and operation. The present report is aimed at providing useful guidance and recommendations for tendering urban electric bus systems to any stakeholder interested in the deployment of electric buses.
  • National (non-EU) financial schemes for clean bus fleet renewals 2021
    15 September 2021
    This is an assessment performed by UITP and members of the UITP EU Committee of the available national level financial schemes available for clean fleet renewals. The overview focuses on national-level aid schemes that are not interlinked with any EU funds or financing instruments. Moreover, the presented schemes are dedicated solely for co-financing the deployment of zero-emission local bus fleets and accompanying infrastructure.
  • Measurement of emissions from diesel heaters
    2 July 2021
    This report studied the emissions from diesel fired heaters installed in a number of Euro VI and battery electric buses used to deliver bus services in Movia’s contracts with Public Transport Operators.