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Library Knowledge and info on clean bus deployment

The CBEP Library provides material related to clean bus deployment, including guidelines, publications, legislative documentation, and webinars. All material is categorised according to the four stages of clean bus deployment: "if", "when", "what" and "how".


  • ZeEUS - Urban e-bus systems deployment Plan & Recommendations
    28 October 2020
  • ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference
    28 October 2020
    The ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference describes the standards and definitions that are used in the ASSURED project for conformance and interoperability testing of vehicles and chargers.
  • ELIPTIC - Use Cases
    27 October 2020
    In this report you can find all use cases in the framework of the ELIPTIC project, which aimed to advance electrification of public transport in cities.
  • Design charter for innovative electric buses
    22 October 2020
    This Design Charter for E-buses has been designed to promote buses as a mode of transportation in their own right. The guidelines focus not only on the traveller but also on operators, rolling stock manufacturers and cities. Together, they form the ecosystem of the ‘bus of tomorrow’.